Thursday, November 3, 2011

Morning Breath


I had not ate in 2 days nor slept in more.  However there was something about walking off that American flight and smelling the air.  It was hot, it was humid, I smelled like I had not showered in days.  There was something though about the air that reminded me of “home”.  As I walked off the plane all I could think of was the memories here.  The kids that came to see me everyday, the little ones that let me hold them, and Michaelle!! After getting through customs I grabbed my bags and headed into the wild(outside of the airport).  I saw Megan and Josh pull up driving a truck.  No more then 2 seconds later did I see Michaelle and her sister Jess.  They both had the day off school and came to surprise me.  It gave me true joy to held them all the way back to the house.  I spend the rest of the day organizing and napping before bed.

Thursday the 3rd was going to be an exciting day.  We had all sorts of things to do before everyone left on Friday back for the states.  We started out taking the girls to the school that Megan had started.  It grew from 97 to 300 since last time I was here.  I was taking pictures of the kids who needed sponsorship.  I did this for a couple hours. After we finished it was time to run some last minute errands.  We needed to get a freezer, some medical supplies, and plates and cups for the new girls home.  We also had to run around doing small things.  We finally made it to the girls home around 7pm.  They were so excited to see us!! Calling us each by name.  Holding onto us for life.  For some of the girls I am sure that was a true reality.  The last place they were at was nothing less then hell on earth.  Being treated like slaves and criminals. Some of them were so weak after being moved, it felt as the energy of the sun was being drained.  Seeing them tonight, a week later make me want to dance!  Actually we did.  They had so much more life and energy! We were only there for about 15 minutes to unload all the supplies.  I hope to go back as soon as possible to make more relationships and build on the ones I have now.  It means so much to the girls to just be there and talk to them.

I will keep writing and try to bring more awareness to these wonderful young girls! You can all keep praying that we find the children that are still missing. They need love so much!

Love all, Trevor

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  1. Praying that the love of Christ will give every child the hope and strength to thrive. Show them the love of Christ, Trev. Feed His sheep!