Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Is it more then a “Touch”

As a person we want to accomplish things and mark off the boxes to feel needed.  Why do we think this way?  Is because we were taught this growing up?  Is it a “self worth” attitude?

 I come down here to this beautiful country(Haiti) and they want nothing more then touch.  The touch is special to them but what is behind the touch is what they long for.  For there lies trust, hope, and love.  These creation of Christ have never been given  these things.  No one has ever trusted them, hoped in their future, or LOVED them.  In the short couple times I have been to the girls home, all they want to do is sit and have you hold them.  They like to wrap your arm over their shoulder and squeeze tight into your chest.  They just want to feel appreciated and loved like everyone else.  They are not looking for you to give them something.  They don’t care about what is going on around them, they just want you.  What is it internally that makes starving children give up there food to run and say hello and hug you?

I have also had the opportunity recently to visit where the boys were sent.  While the team and I were waiting in the compound  for the director to meet with us we saw a boy laying on a small shaded wall.  He was also small in size being only 2-3 years old.  Some of us were talking about him and what he was doing.  “He sure looks a lot like one of the boys that was missing from S.O.G” Matt said.  Na, it couldn’t be him.  There is no way, this little guy was from S.O.G, he looked to healthy and had clothes on.  As we kept looking at him Matt walked closer to get a better look.  As Matt got closer the little boy turned his head towards us and saw him.  His eyes light up with joy! He recognized his white skin and tall build.  The boy slid off that wall and started running towards us smiling from ear to ear.  He screamed and laughed all the way to us and then laughed and smiled bigger! There we were,  a statue of hope for a boy that had been tossed around and “lost in the numbers”.  We had never actually forgotten about this boy but he had no proof of this.  He had not seen a face he knew for weeks.(except the other boys with him)  He made us hold him till we could not any longer with a smile on his pretty little face.  We also got to see some of the other boys who are doing great!  They are being fed 3 times a day and going to school.  This is a great improvement from the “hell” they were in before.  We left with warm feeling knowing that the boys had been placed in a much better place and were being cared for.  I have not been back to the boys home yet but plan to soon and see them again gaining health with everyday.

I also want to encourage everyone who is reading this to love more! You might have all the food you can eat and all the things you need but it never replaces love.  My sister back home is always giving me a hug.  It is sometimes annoying but never forgotten.  So guys go hug your moms, girls go kiss your dads and never forget to show the fathers love through you because you never know what a “touch” will do for someone’s day!

All my love, Trevor


  1. Great post man, I look forward to reading more of these.

  2. what a darling heart you have...

  3. I can see the love of Christ shining through you in this post. How much was love the very center piece of Jesus' ministry here on earth? How many times was the love that God had for us demonstrated through the healing touch of his Son as he restored us all; body, mind and spirit! Keep loving with the strength and kindness of Christ, Trevor. God IS doing great things through you and in you. I love you and can't wait for one of your hugs! Blessings