Sunday, January 29, 2012

 “She did what?”

For a little over 21 years now, I have been apart of my family.  Madison, the older of the two was born 5 years after me and Marin was born 2 years after that.  They are BOTH GREAT!! They are both highly involved in the things they love.  Marin is on the basketball team at her school.  She is in all sorts of theater plays and her academics are only of the best!  Madison academics are also superior! She is also very involved in many other things.  This story is about the love my family has but specifically is about Madison. So buckle up folks because you won’t want to miss what God is blowing up through her!

Last week while I was working, I mentioned to my co-worker that my sister(Madison) was giving her truck to Haiti. He was almost appalled that she would do such a thing.  He wanted to know why she would do such a thing and quite frankly just didn’t understand.  I explained to him why but the story from my sister is much more interesting.  So here it is.   There it stands a lifted white Ford Ranger.  She had been super excited to have her very own car when she gets her license in February.  Something however was stirring up her heart.  God was and still is moving this young lady to better his kingdom.  I remember coming home one day to my mom saying “your sister gave her truck to Haiti today.”  I was taken back by this in a some what unusual manner.  I wondered why? She didn’t have a job or money that she could buy another one with so this meant she was giving up her ability to have a car for quite some time. As I sat there thinking all the selfish thoughts of don’t do it and how foolish I thought she was it started to sink in.  This 16 year old girl, my sister is not worried about the material objects.  She is not even worried what people think about her.  Her life and actions here show that she cares about the children that the creator if the universe has put in her life.  This sweet little girl had only been in Haiti for less then a week.  6 days to be exact but yet she was willing to give her truck away to a wonderful organization down there.  Madison is good friends with the team leader(Crystal Funk) who makes regular trips down to Haiti and was in need of a truck.  Crystal had been trying to find a vehicular for awhile and was coming up empty.  It was just the opportunity Madison had been looking for.  She called Crystal up and told her that she wanted to give her the truck.  I can only imagine the excitement on the other end of the phone.  We are still looking for a port to send it down but as soon as we can it will be down in Haiti used to reach the people of GOD!!

I hope you all will be encouraged like me from this story of young girl who is changing the world of tomorrow.

Love you Madison, Marin, and my Mommy!

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  1. Why Trevor must you be such an awesome brother?!?!?! It fills my heart with joy to know that you care about my passion for Haiti and the strange, but just not worldly things, ways i look and act in my life. I'm glad that this whole thing could be used for you to minister to your friends and coworkers, that is such a blessing!! I'm pretty sure your computer is not going to work any more because this post made me cry so much that your computer is covered with tears ;) God is great! He gives and takes just like with my car, he is taking the car away from me and he is giving me joy, Hearts united a way to have more people be able to afford to help in Haiti, more projects to be done so that the people of Haiti can be healthier, and most importantly that more people, whom God created and loves, can be touched by the wonderful people serving Him!!! Thanks again Trevor, I love you too!!!
    P.S. Don't forget how awesome you are, Mr. leave my job and help the little orphan children! You are one of Gods stars shining for his children in Haiti!!! Mwen renmen ou ;)